Monday, 2 April 2007

Chateau la Borie

Chateau la Borie in the Rhone Valley, with Eric Margnat (MBA 80).

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Eric Margnat said...

Hi Per & Britt,

1) Thank you for the post!
2) We hope to see you soon on site! Don't you think that it is time to come! ;0)
3) We did recently our first INSEAD wine tasting with the Insead Golf society in Avignon 2007 spring contest. It was a real success!
4) Consequently we decided, my brother Jerome and I, that our Insead's friends are entitled to a life time access to a price list reserved to the family and the friends of the estate.

We hope to see many of you all soon at chateau La Borie.

Best regards.

Eric Margnat